Central Oregon Weather and Information


November 08 , 2008: -Fully Functional Again
We have been limping along for the last month using weather data from our affiliate site IdaWeather. Our main weather computer failed spectacularly and required a complete replacement and system rebuild. Thank you for your Patience during this trying time.

September 22 , 2008: -A note about Advertising
The advertising on this site is through Goggle (See the entry below as to why we advertise) We have no control over the contents of the ads. We heavily contemplated eliminating advertising during this political season because quite frankly, we are disgusted with the tactics used by the campaigns. remains open to advertising but we do not endorse any product or Political Candidate placed on this site by our advertisers. Nuf Said!

December 30 , 2007:
Well ... we have done it. For over a year we have been operating this site without advertising or any other form of revenue to help the site pay for it's self. We have added and Goggle ads on the main page. We hope to receive some revenue to help support this site. Clicking on the Goggle ads and buying items through the ads helps support us. We truly hate to do this but it costs a considerable amount of money each year to maintain this site.
Your comments, thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

We are also working on a road travel route section this shows the routes, distances and time to various northwest cities. The Bend to Portland route has three options: Santiam Pass, Mt Hood and The Columbia Gorge so you can see the differences in the three. Sometimes it's quicker to travel through Maupin and the Columbia Gorge than fight the traffic and weather on the passes. Let us know what you think.

December 09, 2007: Our 1st anniversary!!!
We have reached our first anniversary, all in all it has been a good year for us. The station is performing quite well and the feedback we receive has all been positive. We have tried to incorporate all suggestions and it has made us a stronger site. We have gone from just a handful of hits at first to between 1500 and 2000 page views per day. Most of our visitors are from the West coast, Oregon naturally; California and Washington are our second and third location our visitors are from. We have been visited from every state in the union and have visitors from 44 different countries ranging from Canada to Peru and from the UK to New Zealand. Our visitor loyalty is very strong; we have visitors that regularly check the site throughout the day every day.

We have made modifications, layout changes and enhancements throughout the year and will continue to do so as time and ideas permit. The east facing cam failed and we will replace it some year, we would still like to find a site on Aubrey Butte to place a webcam overlooking Bend. Please let us know if you have any ideas here.

As always we look forward to hearing from you. Thank You

March 25 , 2007:
We have added a webcam looking East from our location. It overlooks the pond next to or facility and the sky to the east. We updated the graphs page and added a spiffy temp and humidity graph pop-up when you click on the temperature on the main page.

March 20 , 2007:

Well .... we tried to make this site a dynamic site and went to pages with a different extension (.php) That looked great but it broke all of the links that everyone outside had to us. It broke our Goggle rating and generally messes things up. It was a good idea but we didn't understand the ramifications. After some head scratching and swallowing our pride, we went back to good ol fashioned .HTML. We were however able to work around the issue and keep the great looking new updated current conditions box on the main page. It still looks great and we learned a lot.

March 17 , 2007:
We added a updated current conditions box to the main page. This box updates regularly and indicates trends and it looks better. This is run by Ajax commands and PHP. We also have been trimming down the clutter on the main page we removed the shameless but needed plea for support and we removed the survey ... no one took it!. We have been playing with a Fire Weather page, we could use your input on there too. We added content to the About Bend page

March 12 , 2007:
Today we reorganized things a bit on the main page and added a Tell-A-Friend form to make it easier for people to refer this site to their friends. We also have added our first Survey, It'll be interesting to see what people think about Issue affecting Bend. We Also added a About Bend page and Bend Climate Information page, we have many visitors from outside the area visiting our site. We also have added the Hwy 97 Lava Butte and Lapine RoadCams to the main page to make it easier for our visitors who live south of Bend. We are also Playing with a new page for Fire Information, we know we will need it this summer. Your feedback is making us better, please keep it coming ... Thanks!

February 23, 2007:
We have been working some on other exciting projects lately. has been operating smoothly and virtually unattended for months now. It is time to get feedback and make changes. Please give us your feedback and help us out.

January 08, 2007:
We have been continually improving, adjusting and updating our web site. We have added a newer Webcam here at the BendWeather Ranch, it provides a closer view of the three sisters. We are still fiddling with it and the software to get the best picture possible. This is a ongoing process and we need your input! Please go to the contact page and let us know. We are still looking for a couple of sponsors and a site to place a webcam upon Awbrey Butte over looking Bend

December 16, 2006:
The big news for is the inaugural launch of this web site at it's permanent domain. We have been testing it as a sub domain for about a month, struggling with HTML,XHTML, CSS, XML, Java, Pearl Scripts, Weather Display and several kilometers of wiring. It now seems to all be coming to gather. We are "Going Live" at 10:52pm on December 16,2006.